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HVAC Maintenance

In Daytona Beach’s unique conditions, the typical life span of a home’s HVAC system is 8-10 years. Past this, oxidization as well as weakening parts begin to noticeably affect the systems efficiency. The biggest indicator of this is your homes rising energy bill. When an aging system or its parts fault and is in need of repair, it happens when you least expect it to and repairs can be costly. These situations can be prevented by having your system properly inspected and maintained regularly.

With proper maintenance, we can help your HVAC system operate as efficiently and effectively as possible and with proper inspection, we’ll catch any weakening or damaged parts and bring it to the homeowner’s attention immediately in order to prevent more costly damage before it happens.

If you own an AC unit or heating unit that is under 10 years old, then it is also possible that the warranty may still be valid on your system. In order for all warranties to stay in effect, the system must be maintained and inspected at least once per year. Our inspection and maintenance visits will satisfy this requirement.

To assist our customers, we offer 3 year, 2 year, and 1 year preventative maintenance agreements in which the homeowner is entitled to 2 maintenance visits annually. Other benefits that are included in our agreements are discount prices on everything from parts and labor to new units, priority customer status when a service call is needed, and more.

Below is a list of what will be covered during our AC maintenance visit. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us now online or call our office at (386) 252-1247.

Maintenance Fact

28 pt. Maintenance Checklist

  1. We check you thermostat for correct accuracy in its readings.
  2. We check the thermostat’s batteries.
  3. We make sure your thermostat is properly balanced.
  4. We inspect the drain pan for rust and debris, and clean thoroughly.
  5. We add algaecide tablets to the drain pan as needed to prevent algae growth.
  6. We thoroughly inspect evaporator coil for debris, oxidization, and possible damage.
  7. We read your supply ducts air temperature for proper temperature reading.
  8. We read your return ducts air temperature for proper temperature reading.
  9. We inspect ducts for possible leaks or damage.
  10. We measure and record evaporator fan amperage.
  11. We inspect the evaporator fans bearings for possible damage.
  12. We measure and record the evaporator fans capacitor for proper reading.
  13. We inspect the heat strips for possible damage and heating capabilities.
  14. We check and change out air filter. (Cust. must supply filter. Add’t charge for filter order)
  15. We inspect the suction line pressure for correct refrigerant levels and any possible operational malfunction.
  16. We inspect the head pressure for correct refrigerant levels and any possible operational malfunction.
  17. Check schrader valves for possible leak.
  18. We measure and record the compressors start-up amperage reading for proper measure.
  19. We measure and record the compressors running amperage reading for proper measure.
  20. We measure and record the compressor capacitor for proper reading.
  21. We inspect all electrical wiring and connections for possible damage and safety precautions.
  22. We inspect condition of the contactor relay.
  23. We inspect the condenser coil condition for possible debris or damage.
  24. We measure and record the condenser motor amperage reading for proper reading.
  25. We measure and record the condenser capacitor for proper reading.
  26. We check the condenser motor’s bearings for any possible damage.
  27. We clean the condensing unit and clear away any debris.
  28. Thoroughly flush the condensate line to clear any blockage and prevent water leak damage.


“On August 20th, a technician came for our semi-annual check of our existing air conditioning unit – found that it was leaking Freon. We called the office and set up purchase of complete new system. We got it scheduled for next day – installation people were here the next morning at approximately 8:30 AM, took old unit out and replaced complete system, cleaned up, explained operation of new system and left approximately at 2:00PM. Great job, great people. They did exactly what was needed and the house was cool within 30 minutes. I would recommend them to anyone – pricing was fair and service was great.”

– Donald Dickson, Daytona Beach.

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