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“Pay It Forward” Donation


All Volusia and Flagler Heating and Air - Pay It Forward 2016 Donation

What we began last year through our first Pay It Forward system donation, we are doing again this year. Through our years in business, the Volusia and Flagler County community has supported our company in an unbelievable way and so we felt it was our turn to show them the same support in return.

With the help of Tropic Supply and RUUD, our company is again conducting a month long campaign to find a person or family within the Volusia and Flagler County area that needs a heating and air conditioning system, but cannot afford to purchase one on their own. Whether it is a Veteran, a widow who recently was left to support their family on their own, or any other circumstance, we want to show that our company is willing to step up to the plate and help support our community.

The recipient of our 2015 Pay It Forward Thanksgiving campaign was Mr. and Mrs. Cortes, of Palm Coast, FL. They were nominated by their daughter, Eileen. Mrs. Cortes was unable to work due to medical reasons, and Mr. Cortes was supporting his family on his income by any means necessary. After meeting with the Cortes family, we learned they were preparing to incur further medical expenses in the near future and what was a tough situation already, was going to become tougher. Along with this, their home’s current system was 30 years old and had been broken down for the previous 5 years. Unable to afford a repair or replacement for his home, Mr. Cortes was ventilating air through his home using small fans in each room.

We enjoyed meeting the Cortes Family, learning their story, and being able to donate our RUUD unit, provided by RUUD and Tropic Supply. We volunteered our services and installed their entire system. What was a $4,000-$6,000 project, now was provided for this family in need, free of charge. Needless to say, the impact of truly changing this family’s life was a feeling our company and employees will never forget.

This year our mission is to have the same impact on another member of our community. We need your help! Write us a letter nominating someone you believe would greatly benefit of this new system and their story. Make sure you provide their name, phone number, and address along with your name and phone number.

Help us give back this Thanksgiving Season.

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