With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about cooling your home during the next few months – here in Florida especially. When it comes to air conditioning, the best thing you can do is plan in advance, so when the weather gets bad you know your system is up and running, and if anything goes wrong, you’ll be in the best possible position to address it fast. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure your AC system will be able to handle the heat, which will save you time and money when the hot weather moves in.

1. Get a duct cleaning

Clean ducts not only allow for better air quality, reducing allergens and dirt in your home, but also help your AC run more efficiently. A professional service can easily clean and sanitize your air ducts, and take out pounds of dirt and buildup from them. Ducts should especially be cleaned if you have had your home renovated (as paint and debris gets in the air and could have settled there), have animals with hair, or have had mold in the past. A professional Daytona Beach duct cleaning service can also help you sanitize your air ducts, to kill mold or germs still inside.

2. Change the air filter

A dirty air filter can drastically reduce the efficiency of your AC unit, costing you money. Air filters should typically be changed once a month, and the end of the winter is a great time to replace your old filter in preparation for the coming summer.

You can easily have a professional install a new air filter, especially if you already are having someone come to do a routine checkup on your AC system. When you purchase a filter, either on your own or from a servicer, it is best to choose a filter with a high MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating. Filters with a higher MERV rating will last longer, meaning you won’t have to change them as often, saving you time and money.

3. Clear the space around your outdoor unit and clean it

Good air flow will allow your outdoor unit to operate efficiently, and foliage, debris, and other objects around the outside unit can prevent good airflow. Be sure to clear the area around it of anything that could block the air flow, and cut down any plants near it to ensure they don’t grow and block it over the summer.

You can remove the panels from the compressor unit to clean out anything that may have fallen, as these things could clog up and damage the fan once you start your system again. Some parts of the compressor can also be cleaned well using a hose, though you have to be careful not to damage any of the electrical components of the compressor with this method. A professional service can help you make sure your outdoor unit is free from dirt and debris that you may have more difficulty getting to.

4. Check for leaks

Leaks can occur in many different parts of the AC system, from ducts to Schrader valves. Even a small leak could mean a large amount of lost air over the entire season, making your AC system less efficient and effective, while costing you money. Air conditioning repair isn’t something you want to deal with when it’s already hot outside, and services may not be available immediately. Check everything beforehand to avoid disaster.

5. Check your thermostat

The tools that measure performance of your AC unit are just as important as the unit itself. A professional service can test your thermostat, condenser capacitor, and condenser motor amperage reading to make sure everything is working and reading properly. This way, you’ll have an accurate read on everything within the system, and if anything goes wrong, you can easily pinpoint what needs fixing.

At All Volusia and Flagler Heating and Air, we offer a variety of Daytona AC services, which will help you be ready for summer and anything the weather throws at you. No matter what aspect of your AC preparation you need help with, we’re here. For all your Daytona Beach AC repair, maintenance, and installation needs, give us a call.