Grind Gastropub and Kona Tiki Bar

The Grind Gastropub and Kona Tiki Bar is one of my preferred spots to go in Daytona Beach’s sister city, Ormond Beach. Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach sit alongside one another, Ormond Beach being a quieter, less touristy location while Daytona Beach enjoys more hustle and bustle and is focused more on tourism. This café is situated in the core of Ormond Beach, straightforwardly on one of the doors to the shoreline, Granada Boulevard (SR 40).


The Grind is one of a kind in the region as a result of its exceptionally enormous Tiki Bar that sits behind the eatery. When entering from the back parking lot you can either:


  1. a) Go left. From here, you can sit in the lower zone of the Tiki Bar region outside close where a band may play, or you can proceed inside to The Grind café (cooling).


Or then again:


  1. b) Go right and pursue the decked pathway up to the raised Tiki Bar eating territory outside. This is an open territory, yet it’s for the most part shielded from a rooftop overhead.


One side of this deck is a long bar, and the rest is seating. I saw there is a lot of space for exploring, and plentiful seating alternatives for wheelchairs. Truly, I experienced no difficulty getting to my seat where there was an incredible perspective on the group and the band. The whole Tiki Bar has an exceptionally bona fide Hawaiian look to it, with cut Tiki heads everywhere. It has an awesome vitality and I adore it!


The menu is very broad with an assortment of choices, hamburgers, pizza, fresh salad, etc. Many of their options are fresh, healthy choices and their food is absolutely delicious!

They often have live music, making it a lively place to go enjoy a date night in the evenings.


The restaurant is so closely located to the Halifax River that you can enjoy a nice walk along the Granada Bridge and even over to the Atlantic Ocean if you need to work off your dinner or lunch. It sits very close to nearby shops boasting local art and local boutiques. Being so close to the water, there is often a breeze, making it the perfect place to enjoy your meal outside.


This is a must visit if you find yourself in the Ormond Beach area!

Another great place to visit in Ormond Beach is Bicentennial Park.

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