The Halifax River is located along the Atlantic Ocean in Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach. Crossing over the bridge on Granada Blvd., you will see sailboats, paddleboats, jet skis, speedboats and more lining the waters of the Halifax River. This river is part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and is a site to see. Many consider it one of the main scenic attractions in Ormond Beach. There is so much to do and see along the Halifax River.


Kayaking and paddle-boating is a fun way to enjoy the waters of the Halifax River. There are several places that allow rentals of kayaks or paddle-boats if you are looking to partake in this activity. While going down the waters of Intracoastal, you will see many types of fish, sharks and could even see manatees floating about. Be sure to check the weather first though and we recommend going in the morning if it’s during the summer months. On most summer days you can expect a thunderstorm to pop-up in the afternoon.


The Granada Bridge offers a pedestrian walkway that is a beautiful way to enjoy the Halifax River and overlook the water. Feel free to walk, skate-board, bike, rollerblade or simply walk your dog. The view on the top of the Granada Bridge is gorgeous. From the top you will be able to look over the Atlantic Ocean with nothing but water as far as the eye can see.


Want a thrill for your vacation? Rent a jet-ski, boar or go para-sailing along the Halifax River. This River connects with Ocean so feel free to take your rental out on the ocean as well. (If the rental place allows you to). Whatever water sports you enjoy, all are available here.


Need something to do away from the Halifax River or the Atlantic Ocean? Check out one of the local restaurants, local museum or even drive to Orlando or Daytona. Orlando is only an hour away and Daytona is only about 15 minutes away. There is so much to do for all ages in this area.


The beauty of this area in Ormond Beach is that you will not see many hotels or resorts. If you go a little further into Daytona Beach, A1A is lined with hotels and resorts. However, if you are looking for a slightly quieter getaway, we highly recommend Ormond Beach! There are still several places to stay along the Halifax River in Ormond Beach, whether it be a small hotel or an Air bnb; however it will not feel like a tourist heavy environment.

Another great place to visit in Ormond Beach is The Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail.

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