Most houses and apartments in Daytona, Ormond, Port Orange, or anywhere in Flagler and Volusia counties boast at least one heat pump or air conditioning system. You probably have one yourself. You may not know how the thing works, but you count on it to cool you down with the flip of a switch or warm you up with the turn of a dial. What would you do if your unit stopped working the way you expect it to? When is it time to call for a heat pump/air conditioner repair or replacement?

1. The motor sounds louder than usual

If your formerly quiet A/C system starts making a lot of noise, this could be an indication that the motor is working too hard. A number of things can cause this noisy condition. When an air conditioner or heater is not regularly cleaned, dust and hair can find their way into the motor. There may be a loose screw within the unit itself. Periodic maintenance by a skilled HVAC tech will ensure tight connections and proper lubrication of all moving parts.

2. Frost appears on the face of the unit

A frosty buildup on the indoors side of your air conditioner could mean the condenser is dirty, or the air conditioner is too large for the room in which it is installed. It could also indicate a too-low level of refrigerant. Leaking freon or other refrigerant gas not only wastes money and is a major sign of a possible larger issue, it may contribute to the global pollution problem. Remember, only an HVAC professional has the skills and qualifications to replace the refrigerant in your air conditioning unit.

3. It smells bad

If your HVAC unit blows stinky air, something’s very wrong. A foul smell is a clear indication that mold or algae are growing somewhere inside the unit. Certain types of mold spores find the moist interior of an air conditioner or heat pump a perfect place to build a colony. Once it takes hold, a mold colony can be very difficult to eradicate. Airborne mold can cause a number of respiratory health problems for both people and pets (read about indoor air pollution on our blog here). If you notice a horrendous odor emanating from your HVAC system, it’s not a DIY fix. Call a pro. If the problem is severe enough, replacement of the unit is advisable.

  • Signs your air conditioner needs professional repair or replacement:
  • Unit works much better at night than during the hotter part of the day
  • Foul smells emanate from the air conditioner
  • Motor runs and runs and never cycles off
  • Unit no longer provides chilled air
  • Motor runs louder than usual
  • More than ten years old
  • Unit won’t start at all

Life is good in the subtropical Daytona Beach area. It’s even better when your indoor spaces are cool, comfortable and perfectly conditioned. Don’t lose sleep on hot Florida nights because your air conditioner isn’t working properly. As an HVAC contractor, our skilled technicians can perform maintenance and service that is sure to prolong the life of your unit. If your old A/C is beyond reasonable repair, call us at (386) 252-1247 because we can help you choose the right size new unit to perfectly cool your home. If you found this article useful, share it on Facebook so all of your friends and family can benefit.