Picture the scene: it’s the height of summer, the weather is sizzling, and your air conditioning is refusing to work.

Fear not – all may not be lost, and there could be a simple way to rectify the problem. There are numerous reasons why your Daytona Beach AC systems fail, and most of the time there’s an easy way to get things up and running again, either with or without the help of an engineer. To help you identify what could be wrong with your system, we’ve identified some of the most common reasons why your AC system is not cooling below:

1) Ensure that the air filter is clear

One of the basic tenets of AC maintenance is to regularly check the air filter. Air filters keep out dust and other particles, and a dirty or blocked filter results in airflow returning to the air conditioner. This in turn makes it much more difficult for your AC unit to circulate the sufficient amount of cool air back into your home. As a general rule, air filters should be changed approximately once a month during periods of heavy use in order to keep the unit running at optimum capacity.

2) Take a look at the thermostat settings

It may sound obvious, but if your air conditioning system is not cooling, one of the first ports of call should be your thermostat settings. If you’ve mistakenly set it to ‘heat’, you may have just diagnosed the problem. It’s also worthwhile checking your fan settings – if your fan is switched to ‘on’, the indoor blower will continue to pump air into your home, even when it isn’t being cooled, which can often create the illusion that your system is low on refrigerant.

3) Practice regular AC maintenance and cleaning

Your outdoor unit should be cleaned at least once every 12 months and kept clear of obstructions. In order for the refrigerant to be cooled down (which is in turn used to cool the air in your home), the outdoor unit should be free from overgrown bushes, tree branches and grass. Keeping the unit clean is as simple as using a standard water sprayer, pressure washer or hose coupled with an AC unit coil cleaner. If you aren’t particularly confident in cleaning the unit yourself, it may be advisable to consult a professional engineer as part of an annual Palm Coast AC maintenance check.

4) Take into consideration whether your system is adequate for your home

It may sound like a cliché, but sometimes you simply get what you pay for. A common mistake many homeowners make when installing an air conditioner is to purchase a cheaper, smaller unit which offers inadequate performance for the size of the building. It may seem fine during the spring, but in the middle of a heatwave it becomes all too apparent that it’s too little, too late. Before installing an air conditioning system, be certain to take into account the size of your home, and how the local climate is likely to impact upon system use.