If you find yourself in the Ormond Beach, FL area and want a beautiful place to take a ride or go fishing, look no further than Ormond Beach Scenic Loop & Trail. This beautiful driving trail is hidden away accessible just off A1A and offers an amazing scenic ride for motorcycle riding, bicycling or just cruising in your car. On the trail, you will find gorgeous mossy oaks outlining the road, palm trees and other Florida native trees and bushes. You are likely to run into an alligator, snake and many turtles along your route as well.


If fishing is your fancy, feel free to grab a kayak, canoe or small boat and sneak into the swampy waters teaming with fish of all sorts. You can even throw a net over one of the few bridges along the route as well and catch bait fish. If you want the best chance at making a big catch, be sure to arrive early or in the evening.


Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail circles around the inland conduit on both the hindrance island (on A1A and John Anderson Dr.) and on the terrain (on Old Dixie Highway and North Beach St.) giving fantastic perspectives along old Florida trails.


The roadway view incorporates unhindered vistas of two waterways, rivulets and swamps, boundary island rises and shoreline, and noteworthy abodes. Guests looking for a social as well as notable experience will discover exhibition halls and notable open structures and private homes along the hallway, in Tomoka State Park and in areas a couple of squares off the assigned roadways.


Recreational open doors overflow with various stops and trails offering sailing, angling, climbing, swimming, bicycling, shoreline strolling and significantly more. Tremendous breadths of water and characteristic Florida scour vegetation make delightful grand vistas hanging tight to be captured. Northern right whales and humpback whales can be seen seaward during relocation seasons. Dolphins are a typical sight. Loggerhead, green and leatherback turtles utilize the sandy shorelines along A1A for settling.


This is no doubt a must-see if you find yourself in the area. Be sure to get off the beaten path to see this natural wonder.

Another great place to visit in Ormond Beach is Grind Gastropub and Kona Tiki Bar.

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