Ormond Beach is a well-known destination in Florida. Visitors from all over the world decide to pay a visit to that beautiful city and spend a while enjoying its various attractions. From beautiful natural beaches, green parks and gardens to cultural and historical landmarks, Ormond Beach definitely has a lot to offer. The Casements is in the center of Ormond Beach that is worth visiting, as well. It is a picturesque mansion where John Rockefeller used to live during the winter. 

History of the mansion

The Casements was built in 1913 as the winter residence of a clergyman. In 1918, it was bought by the well-known philanthropist John Rockefeller who chose to live there during the winter. After his death in 1937, the place was deserted for many years. In 1974, the building was purchased by the City of Ormond Beach. With the use of a grant, the place was fully restored by 1979.

The Casements offers a variety of activities to locals, as well as visitors from around the world.   In 2009, a series of renovations to the outside of the building occurred. A stained glass skylight decorates the top of the staircase. Various traditional pieces of furniture have been renovated and they decorated the inner rooms of the house. The unique thing about the house is the type of windows that cover each bedroom. Those windows are made of a special material that keeps the heat out during the summer. The kitchen is fully equipped because weddings and other festivities are held throughout the year. The history room is equipped with old newspapers and the sitting room holds the original desk of John Rockefeller. Around the rooms there are different exhibits and galleries.  


The mansion is now used for a variety of activities. It hosts special events, offers locals and visitors free classes and workshops and contains many artifacts. The Casements offers guided tours to visitors from Monday to Saturday. There is actually a number of volunteers who have created a group, known as the Casements Guild. Its members organize tours throughout the mansion and they inform visitors about the history of the place, as well as about any events that are held throughout the year.   The Casements in Ormond Beach is a historical spot that is nowadays considered a Historical Place. The buildings and grounds of the spot are all beautiful and well maintained. They are perfect for a guided tour by the expert members of the Casements Guild. Tourists who pay a visit to the broader area of the Ormond Beach should also, pay a visit to this unique monument. Apart from looking around or walking along the gardens, tourists are able to take part in the special events which are held throughout the year.

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