Bulow Creek State Park

Bulow Creek State Park is located at 3351 Old Dixie Highway in Ormond Beach, FL. For more information regarding this state park, you may call 386-676-4050. It is open from 8 a.m. until sundown 365 days a year. There are no fees to enter the park.


Access to Bulow Creek State Park is free! The fundamental passage will take you straight to our most noteworthy fascination, the Fairchild Oak, one of the biggest live oak trees in the South! After you visit the Fairchild Oak you can climb or bicycle one of a few trails fabricated and kept up so as to give guests a look at one of a kind environments and untamed life. The longest trail is the Bulow Woods Trail, a 6.8 mile climbing trail that keeps running from the Fairchild Oak to Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park. In the event that the whole 6.8 mile climb appears a touch of overwhelming you may stop at our second passage off of Walter Boardman Lane and climb a short separation North or South.


Bulow Creek State Park extends along Old Dixie Highway settled between Tomoka State Park and Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park. Only North of Tomoka State Park on the East side of Old Dixie sits the remnants of the Dummett Sugar Mill. This sugar factory was built out of coquina stone and block however like such a significant number of different ranches and factories in the zone it was singed and halfway devastated during the second Seminole war in 1836.


Bulow Creek State Park is home to a plenty of plant and creature untamed life. Natural life survey encounters will shift contingent upon the season and time of day you visit the recreation center. Walter Boardman Pond is generally host to different swimming flying creatures and waterfowl, a few winged animals you may see are extraordinary blue herons, wood storks, egrets, and wood ducks.


Access to Bulow Creek and its encompassing tributaries is feasible through a stopping territory off Walter Boardman Lane, High Bridge Road, and different zones along Old Dixie Highway.


Bulow Creek State Park is a beautiful area for wedding functions and gatherings that can be held at our 24-man structure.


Bulow Creek State Park has three neighboring state stops that are every interesting and offer different sorts of open air amusement. If it’s not too much trouble make sure to visit Tomoka State Park, Addison Blockhouse State Park, and Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park while you’re in the region.


Pavilion Rentals

If you would like to rent a pavilion whether for a birthday party, family gathering or reunion or just to hang out with friends, you may do so for $40 per day plus tax. Call the number above for more information on how to rent.



Bulow Creek State Park protects nearly 5,600 acres, more than 1,500 of which are submerged under water. This area can get very flooded during rainy season.


The feature of Bulow Creek that it contains numerous amounts of live oaks and is known as one of the largest remaining live oak forests in Florida.


The authoritative tree is the Fairchild Oak, one of the biggest live oak trees in the South. For over 400 years it has been a quiet observer to human exercises along Bulow Creek, including the obliteration of the neighboring Bulow Plantation during the Second Seminole War in 1836.


A few trails enable climbers to investigate the inside of the recreation center, where guests can see white-followed deer, barred owls and raccoons. The Bulow Woods Trail, about seven miles in length, takes climbers to Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park. Guests can cookout in an obscure structure or at a table on the grass inside perspective on the Fairchild Oak.

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